Share your Mars Hill story FAQ:

1: Where will my story go?
-Your story will be published publicly online at https://marshillwasus.blogspot.com. Stories are processed in batches so it will not appear immediately.
What you share is what will be posted, including your name if you choose to share it.  Sharing contact information is also optional. It will not be published, sold, or otherwise shared.  It's only useful if we need to contact you personally regarding your submission.   

2: Who's behind this project?
-We are a small group of former members in Seattle.  We've noticed a lot of former Mars Hill folks still processing through what happened at the church in different ways. We believe the greater story of what God's done in this situation cannot be fully know, but the opportunity to capture these experiences should not be ignored before they are lost to history
This project is an attempt to capture the imprint the church left on actual people.
The related project, marshillwas.com, is an attempt to capture the imprint the church left on the internet.
Feel free to reach out with any questions at marshillwas@outlook.com

3: Will this content be sold or used for profit?
-No.  The content belongs to those who provided it.  

4: Will you censor/edit this?
-Stories will only be reviewed for an appearance of legitimacy and checked for spelling.
Please self-censor language in consideration of a wide potential readership benefiting from what you have to share.
Please be considerate when using names of private individuals without their knowledge.